80s Fashion

80s Fashion

L.A. Gear (Shoe Gallery And Classic 80s Ads Included)

L.A. Gear started as a brand in 1983, originally concentrating on fashionable sneakers, but later adding clothing and other accessories.  Check Out These Classic L.A. Gear Ads!       The brand was also famous for scoring famous endorsements with a variety of celebrities...   Recently L.A. Gear has made quite a comeback. You can visit their official site here.

IZOD Shirts and Clothing

One of the most recognizable styles in 80s fashion has to be the IZOD/Lacoste polo shirts complete with alligator logo. Often worn with a sweater tied around the neck, this brand was front and center for many people who embraced what was often called the "Preppy" lifestyle. During this time, many nationwide department stores featuring separate "Izod/Lacoste" shops, with jackets, sweaters, and a wide variety of other apparel. During this period annual sales reached $150 million for the shirts alone. Izod and Lacoste both continue to produce similar piqué polo shirts and are often mistakenly believed to be the same...

OP – “Ocean Pacific” Clothing

Ocean Pacific or "OP" brand clothing made a big splash during the early to mid-80s.  Bright neon colors and surfwear became popular as a fashion trend in the 80s and "OP" was one of the major brands leading that movement.  Authentic since 1972, Ocean Pacific was the first brand to successfully translate the surfing lifestyle into a comprehensive fashion idea by focusing on the West Coast youth scene. They made t-shirts, collared shirts, shorts, board shorts and a wide variety of clothing and accessories which reached a fashion peak in the 1980s.   https://www.oceanpacific.com/about/ https://www.facebook.com/Op/

Acid Wash Jeans In The 80s

A huge fad in the 80s, acid wash jeans, and denim jackets and accessories took the world by storm. The trend seems to have started in the early 80s, but continued throughout the decade, including women's purses, skirts and more.  The fact that is was so popular, probably killed the trend.  Originally, a new and different look, it became so common that it lost its uniqueness.   men's and women's jeans were the most popular acid washed items, but if it was made of denim, someone somewhere would give it the acid-washed treatment. The style has become almost synonymous with...

Swatch Watches in The 80s

Swatch was originally intended to re-capture entry-level market share lost by Swiss manufacturers during the quartz crisis and the subsequent growth of Japanese companies such as Seiko and Citizen in the 1960s and 1970s, and to re-popularize analog watches at a time when digital watches had achieved wide popularity. The first collection of Swatch watches consisted of just 12 different designs and was released in 1983. The watches became an overnight 80s fashion fad and gained popularity quickly.   Visit the official Swatch site to see their current watches: https://www.swatch.com/en_us/ Visit the Swatch Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/108724258082 Read more about Swatch watches on...

Members Only®Jackets

REWIND TO 1981.   You have your Members Only® jacket on. You’re ready to get your yearbook picture taken and you will go down in history as the coolest kid on the block. You know that "when you put it on… something happens." You’re not aware of it yet, but what you’re wearing is the jacket that epitomizes the glamour, energy, and fun-loving attitude of the '80s. Members Only racer jackets were distinguished by their collar strap and knitted trim; they were manufactured in a wide variety of colors and were extremely popular throughout the 1980s. FAST FORWARD FORTY YEARS Members Only is now...

Parachute Pants

Parachute pants are a style of trousers characterized by the use of nylon, especially ripstop nylon. In the original tight-fitting style of the early 1980s, "parachute" referred to the pants' nylon material, similar to a parachute's. Parachute pants became a fad in US culture in the 1980s as part of the increased popularity of breakdancing. The clothing company Bugle Boy manufactured the pants in the early 1980s, although they were not the first company to manufacture parachute pants. Bugle Boy parachute pants are identifiable as having the word "Countdown" on a small tag above the rear pocket's zipper. Teenage boys...

Vans Classic Slip-On Shoes

Vans Classic Slip-Ons gained international attention and appeal when they are worn by Sean Penn in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The shoes remained a fad from the early 80s until the mid-80s.  Vans have continued to be a popular shoe and the classic slip-on Vans are still available to this day.     You can order Vans from their Official Web Site Below: https://www.vans.com/

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