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80s Pin Up Girls And Models

The Landers Sisters (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Audrey Landers s best known to fans all over the world for her memorable role as “Afton Cooper” for eight years in the iconic television series “Dallas.” Before Dallas, she appeared in many tv shows including The Dukes of Hazzard, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and Battlestar Galactica. Audrey is also an accomplished singer who has released 11 studio albums.   Judy Landers is the younger sister of actress Audrey Landers and contrary to popular belief, the Landers sisters are not twins.  Judy had appearances in the 80s tv shows The A-Team, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (1980), The Fall Guy (1982), Knight Rider, Madame's Place (1982–1983), Night Court (1984), L.A. Law (1986), Murder She Wrote (1987) and ALF. She also starred in the...

Erika Eleniak (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Actress Erika Eleniak made her film debut in 1982, at the age of 12, in the movie E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial as the girl Elliott kissed in the classroom scene. When she was 18, she portrayed one of the victims of the Blob in the 1988 horror remake of the film The Blob.  In 1989, she had a role appearing in the TV show Charles In Charge and appeared in Playboy magazine.  But, she is most famous for starring on Baywatch as the female lead lifeguard Shauni McClain.  Check Out The Erika Eleniak Gallery Below:

Jamie Lee Curtis (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Jamie Lee Curtis was born the daughter of two of Hollywood's famous actors, Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh. She made her debut in John Carpenter's horror masterpiece "Halloween" which helped her career to take off to a great start. Check out this list of movies that she appeared in during the 1980s: The Fog, Prom Night, Terror Train, Roadgames, Halloween II, Halloween III: Season of the Witch (voice), Trading Places, Love Letters, Grandview, U.S.A., The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension Sandra Banzai (extended version), Perfect, A Man in Love, Amazing Grace and Chuck, Dominick and Eugene, and A Fish Called Wanda. Of course, her career has extended far beyond the 80s and she is currently working on two Halloween sequels to be...

Cheryl Ladd (80s Pin Up Gallery Included)

Cheryl Ladd is most well known for replacing Farrah Fawcett-Majors on the hit TV show Charlie Angels. During the 1980s she would go on to appear in the movies Purple Hearts and Millenium as well as multiple TV shows, Made For TV movies and television mini-series. She most recently starred in the TV movie Christmas Unwrapped in 2020. Check Out The Cheryl Ladd Gallery Below: https://cherylladd.com/

Kim Richards (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Kim Richards began her career as a child actress and became famous for starring in the Disney movies Escape to Witch Mountain, and Return from Witch Mountain.  Richards would go on to appear in many television shows including Emergency!, Diff'rent Strokes, Alice, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, CHiPs, Magnum, P.I., Hello Larry!, James at 16, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Rockford Files, and Little House on the Prairie. In 1984 Richards starred in the movie Meatballs: Part 2 and in 1985 she starred alongside James Spader in the film "Tuff Turf". She made a cameo appearance in the 2009 reboot Race to Witch Mountain and more recently she has appeared as a member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reality TV series. Check Out...

Priscilla Barnes (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Priscilla Barnes is best known for her role as Terri Alden in the ABC sitcom Three's Company, between 1981 and 1984. During the 1980s she frequently appeared in many television shows including The Love Boat, Taxi, and Vega$.  She would go on to  appear in films, including James Bond: Licence to Kill (1989), Stepfather III (1992), The Crossing Guard (1995), Mallrats (1995), The Devil's Rejects (2005), and The Visitation (2006). And more recently she has appeared as Magda Andel in the CW comedy-drama series, Jane the Virgin.  Before she found fame as an actress, Barnes posed nude for the "Pet of the Month" photo layout in the March 1976 issue of Penthouse magazine under the pseudonym Joann Witty. Check Out The Priscilla Barnes Gallery Below:...

Jenilee Harrison (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Jenilee Harrison is most famous for her role as Cindy Snow, the first replacement for blonde roommate Chrissy Snow on the hit sitcom Three's Company, between 1980 and 1982.  Harrison's character, Cindy Snow, was created to be Chrissy Snow's cousin. Unlike Chrissy, Cindy was not a "dumb blonde"; instead, she was an extremely clumsy farm girl.  She went on to play Jamie Ewing Barnes in Dallas from 1984 to 1986. In 1984, Harrison appeared in the movie Tank alongside James Garner and C. Thomas Howell and also guest-starred on That '70s Show in 1999.  She appeared on numerous TV shows throughout the 80s including Simon and Simon, The Love Boat and Fantasy Island. Check Out The Jenilee Harrison Gallery Below:    

Madonna Wants You To Know She’s Still Hot At 62 Years Old

The 1980s and beyond popstar, none other than Madonna just posted new pics of her showing her physique and look at age 62. Check out her Facebook poste below: « And Now For A Moment of Self Reflection.............. Madame » -Madonna

Suzanne Somers (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Suzanne Somers is best known for her role of Chrissy Snow on the television show Three's Company. Prior to Three's Company, Somers played a passenger on the very first episode of The Love Boat as well as a guest appearance in a 1976 episode of One Day at a Time. She also appeared in The Rockford Files in 1974 and had an uncredited role as a topless "pool girl" in Magnum Force in 1973, as well as a guest-starring role on The Six Million Dollar Man. Suzanne Somers appeared in two Playboy cover-feature nude pictorials, in 1980 and 1984.  During the 90s she was the spokeperson for the "Thighmaster" exercise equipment. In 2015, she appeared on the TV show Dancing with the Stars.  Check out...

Kirstie Alley (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Kirstie Alley is an American actress, producer, model, and television personality. During the 80s Kirstie appeared in the following movies: (1982) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, (1983) One More Chance. (1984) Champions, (1984) Blind Date, (1984) Runaway, (1987) Summer School, (1988) She's Having a Baby, (1988) Shoot to Kill, (1989) Loverboy, and (1989) Look Who's Talking. She is most famous for her role as Rebecca Howe on the TV show Cheers where she was a regular from 1987-1993. In recent years she has appeared on the TV shows Dancing With The Stars and Celebrity Big Brother. Check Out The Kirstie Alley Gallery Below: Visit Kirstie at: https://www.facebook.com/kirstiealleyofficial/  

Erin Gray (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Erin Gray originally started her career as a model and then moved into acting.  She is most famous for playing the character Of Colonel Wilma Deering in the sci-fi tv show Buck Rogers In The 25th Century.  She appeared as the co-star to Gil Gerard who portrayed Buck Rogers. After Buck Rogers, she would go on to star in the 80s sitcom "Silver Spoons" which starred Ricky Schroeder.  In 1982, she starred in the movie Six Pack opposite Kenny Rogers. She has appeared in guest appearances in numerous TV shows like Magnum P.I., Simon & Simon, Fantasy Island, Vegas, The Fall Guy and Murder She Wrote.  She had a significant role in the 1993 horror film Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, part of...

Lita Ford (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Rocker Lita Ford was the lead guitarist for the all female rock band the Runaways, which also featured Joan Jett.  After the band split, Lita went on to pursue a solo career in the 80s and had a Top Ten single with the song "Close My Eyes Forever" from the album simply entitled "Lita". That album went platinum and made Lita Ford a household name with "Kiss Me Deadly" and the duet with Ozzy Osbourne being featured on radio and MTV in heavy rotation. Lita Ford was one of the first women in heavy metal to be considered a sex symbol.  Her posters adorned the walls of both male and female fans throughout the 1980s Hair Metal reign. Lita is still out rocking live and...

Kim Basinger (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Fashion model turned actress, Kim Basinger made her presence known during the 1980's starring in such sexy and sultry movie roles as 9 1/2 Weeks, and appearing as the Bond girl Domino Petachi in Never Say Never Again in 1983. Her biggest role came in the 1989 movie Batman starring alongside Michael Keaton as Vicki Vale. During the 80s she starred in the following movies:  1981 Hard Country, 1982 Mother Lode, 1983 Never Say Never Again, 1983 The Man Who Loved Women, 1984 The Natural, 1985 Fool for Love, 1986 9½ Weeks, 1986 No Mercy, 1987 Blind Date. 1987 Nadine, 1988 My Stepmother Is an Alien and 1989 Batman. Check out the great Kim Bassinger gallery below:

Susanna Hoffs (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Susanna Hoffs started the Bangles in 1981 with Debbi and Vicki Peterson. The Bangles hit U.S. top 10 during the 1980s, with such hits as "Manic Monday" (1986), "Walk Like an Egyptian" (1986), "Hazy Shade of Winter" (1987), "In Your Room" (1988), and "Eternal Flame" (1989). In 1987 Susanna Hoffs starred in the film The Allnighter. The movie was considered a box office disappointment. The Bangles disbanded in 1989 and Hoffs made an appearance in each of the Austin Powers films. The Bangles eventually reunited and last released an album in 2013 called "Under The Covers Vol. 3"

The Barbi Twins (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Shane and Sia Barbi (born April 2, 1963), are popularly known as The Barbi Twins. They are identical twins, cover models, co-authors, and spokespersons for animal rights advocacy. When the Barbi Twins were featured on a billboard that went up on Sunset Boulevard in L.A. in 1989, it turned them into worldwide overnight celebrities. The duo posed for posters, pin-ups, and Playboy Magazine. Be sure and visit the Barbi Twins Official website (with more great images) as well as their Facebook and Twitter pages (links are located right below the gallery!   Check Out The Barbi Twins Gallery Below:     http://barbitwins.com/ https://www.facebook.com/thebarbitwins/ https://twitter.com/barbi_twins

Brooke Shields (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Brooke Shields started modeling at the age of 12 and continued to model into her late teenage years. She was well-known for her role as the spokesperson for Calvin Klein jeans in the 80s. She starred in the movies The Blue Lagoon (1980), and Endless Love (1981),  Sahara (1983),  The Muppets Take Manhattan (1984), Speed Zone (1989), and Brenda Starr (1989).  She attended  Princeton University, where she graduated with a bachelor's degree in Romance Languages. After graduating college she returned to acting in the 90s and from 1996-2000 she starred in the NBC sitcom Suddenly Susan.  Brooke Shields has been married twice. From 1997 to 1999, she was married to tennis player Andre Agassi. She later married television writer Chris Henchy in 2001.   Check Out...

Bo Derek (80’s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Bo Derek got her big break in the movie "10" in which she co-starred with actor Dudley Moore. During the early 80's she was considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. During that time she starred in the movies A Change of Seasons (1980), Fantasies (1981), Tarzan, the Ape Man (1981), Bolero (1984), and Ghosts Can't Do It (1989).  Tarzan The Ape Man focused more on Derek's character than Tarzan himself. It was a box office success, but most features after it was not commercially successful. Bo Derek was featured in Playboy twice in 1981 and 1984. In recent years she has starred in several of the Sharknado films. Check out the Bo Derek gallery below:  

Samantha Fox (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Samantha Fox is considered the Queen of 80s Pin-Ups and Posters. Her posters adorned the walls of fans worldwide. She was one of the rare few celebs to have both a successful modeling and music career. Music was Samantha Fox's first love and she secured her first record deal at age 15, however, she was whisked into the glamorous modeling world and her music career was put on hold. During the four year tenure of her extremely lucrative modeling contract, Samantha Fox literally became a household name in the UK overnight and became the nation’s darling. She gave up modeling when she was 20 to concentrate on her music and released her first single in 1986, ‘Touch Me’ which reached No 3 in the UK...

Madonna (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Madonna Louise Ciccone, known as just Madonna released her debut album in 1983 and scored hits with the songs "Lucky Star", "Borderline", "Burning Up" and "Holiday". By the time her second album "Like A Virgin" was released she was an international superstar. Madonna was rare in the pin-up poster world because she was liked almost equally by both boys and girls. She took the pop music world by storm and girls all over the world began dressing up like Madonna and adorning their rooms with posters, while many boys of the era saw her as a sex symbol and posted her pictures in their rooms because they found her attractive regardless of whether or not they liked her music.  Madonna has often capitalized on her...

Tanya Roberts (80s Pin Up Gallery Included)

Actress Tanya Roberts got her big break when she was added to the TV show Charlie's Angels in 1980. While her addition to the show did not save the show from cancelation the following year, it placed her in the spotlight and gave her a platform to build from.  During the 80s she starred in the following films: (1982) The Beastmaster, (1983) Hearts and Armour, (1984) Sheena, (1985) James Bond: A View to a Kill, (1986) Body Slam, and (1988) Purgatory.  Her role in Sheena as the jungle queen was one of her most memorable roles but the movie was a flop at the box office and critics slammed it. Most notably, she would go on to play the role of Midge Pinciotti on That...

Demi Moore (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Demi Moore was simply sensational in the 1980s. She started out with a modeling career and then quickly moved into acting. She became a member of the Hollywood in-crowd of young stars known as "The Brat Pack" and appeared in the following theatrical features during the 80s: (1981) Choices,  (1982) Parasite, (1982) Young Doctors in Love New, (1984) Blame It on Rio, (1984) No Small Affair,  (1985) St. Elmo's Fire, (1986) About Last Night..., (1986) One Crazy Summer, (1986) Wisdom, (1988) The Seventh Sign, and (1989) We're No Angels. Her biggest role would come in the early 90s starring in the movie Ghost with Patrick Swayze.   Check Out The Demi Moore Gallery Below:    

Pamela Sue Martin (80s Pin Up Gallery Included)

Pamela Sue Martin became a familiar face to millions of Americans on the extremely popular show Dynasty, and as Nancy Drew in The Nancy Drew Mysteries. She appeared as a regular on Dynasty from 1981-1984 as Fallon Carrington.  Pamela Sue Martin appeared in many magazines and was featured in pin-up posters as well. Born in Westport, Connecticut Pamela Sue Martin entered into show business as a model at age sixteen and she quickly became established as a film actress starring in the Columbia motion picture To Find A Man and subsequently starring in The Poseidon Adventure with Gene Hackman. Along the way, she starred in numerous films including Our Time, The Lady in Red, Buster, and Billy, and Torchlight, which she also wrote and produced....

Jessica Hahn (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Jessica Hahn was thrust into the spotlight over her accusations of televangelist Jim Bakker whom she claimed allegedly drugged and raped her then paid her off for her silence, while she was the 21-year-old church secretary. Bakker denied the claim and said the sex was consensual. After the controversy surrounding Jim Bakker, Hahn posed nude for Playboy several times and appeared in several videos for Playboy as well. She made guest appearances on the Howard Stern show and several TV shows including Married With Children. During the 80s she had a relationship with comedian Sam Kinison and appeared in his all-star video for the song "Wild Thing". https://youtu.be/3wAm2HAx7i0 Check Out The Gallery Of Jessica Hahn Below:      

Victoria Principal (80s Pin-Up Gallery included)

Signing on as Pamela Ewing on the primetime TV soap opera "Dallas" made Victoria Principal a star in the 80s. After appearing on the show for nine years, Victoria left in 1987. In 1989, she created her own line of skin care products and has written several books including The Body Principal (1983), The Beauty Principal (1984), and The Diet Principal (1987).  She last appeared on TV in 2004 on the Dallas Reunion: The Return to Southfork. Check Out The Victoria Principal Gallery Below:   http://www.victoriaprincipal.com/  

Christina Applegate (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

While she's probably most known for her role as Kelly Bundy on the 80's & 90s sitcom "Married With Children", Christina Applegate has carved out quite an extensive career in TV and movies and has been nominated repeatedly for Emmy awards. Now 48, she continues to star in feature films as well as high profile television roles including the recent Netflix series "Dead To Me". Check out the Christina Applegate Gallery Below:          

Teri Copley (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Teri Copley is mostly known for starring in the 1983 sitcom "We Got It Made".  Both an actress and a model, Copley appeared in the feature films "New Year's Evil" and "Transylvania Twist" in the 80s.  She also appeared in numerous TV shows and Made For TV Movies including Fantasy Island, The Star Maker, Fly Away Home, Glitter, I Married A Centerfold, Gus Brown, And Midnight Brewster, I had Three Wived, The Love Boat, and Quantum Leap. In 1990 she posed for Playboy magazine and continued acting throughout the 90s before stepping away in 1992.  She became a born-again Christian and wrote a book called "Conversations Between a Girl and Her God" that talks about her faith.   Check out the Teri Copley gallery below:...

Charlene Tilton (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Charlene Tilton is probably best known for her role as Lucy Ewing on the 80s TV show "Dallas". She became an almost overnight sensation and appeared on over 500 magazine covers.  Her televised marriage to country singer Johnny Lee in 1982 had over 65 million viewers. Tilton is only 4'11 inches tall but still managed to receive a lot of attention as a model. Check out the Charlene Tilton Gallery Below: https://youtu.be/yx1PGq5Lslk  

Kathy Ireland (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Kathy Ireland's modeling career started in the 80s and continued on even into the 90s. She appeared in 13 consecutive Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Editions. Ireland's cover on the 1989 Edition is considered "The Greatest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Of All Time". She also appeared as an actress in several movies and TV shows during the 80s and 90s. After her modeling career ended, she moved into business and is now a multimillion-dollar entrepreneur. Check out the Kathy Ireland gallery below:     https://www.facebook.com/kathyirelandWorldwide/

Lisa Hartman (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Known primarily for her roles in the 80s TV show Knots Landing, Lisa Hartman also appeared in feature films, mini-series, guest-starring roles in other TV series, as well as releasing four studio albums as a singer.  Her main movie appearances during the 80s were in the horror film "Deadly Blessing" and "Where The Boys Are '84".  She guest-starred on shows like Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, and T.J. Hooker before starring in 96 episodes of the popular drama, Knots Landing.  Today, she is married to country singer Clint Black who she recently appeared on the TV show "The Masked Singer" with. Check Out Our Lisa Hartman Gallery:  

Phoebe Cates (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Phoebe Cates became every guy's fantasy girl after her performance in the movie "Fast Times At Ridgemont High" as Judge Reinhold's dream girl in one of the most famous comedy movie scenes of the 80s. She originally was a model and dancer before moving into a career as an actress.  She starred in the comedy Private School (also known as Private School For Girls) and Gremlins along with various other TV movies, miniseries, and theatrical films.  Check out this incredible pin-up gallery of Phoebe Cates:     Phoebe Cates starred in the following movies and TV shows in the 80s: 1982 Paradise 1982 Fast Times at Ridgemont High 1983 Private School 1983 Baby Sister (TV movie) 1984 Lace (Miniseries) 1984 Gremlins 1985 Lace II (Miniseries)...

Christie Brinkley (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Christie Brinkley has appeared on more than 500 magazine covers worldwide. On the big screen, she made her acting debut in 1983 opposite Chevy Chase as "the girl in the red Ferarri" in the hit feature film National Lampoon's Vacation, which is listed as one of the Top Ten Funniest films of all time.   Check out the Christie Brinkley gallery below: Christie is also an artist, writer, photographer, designer, actress, philanthropist &  environmentalist. Combining her modeling experience with her artistic talents and diverse interests, Christie's career over the years has been interesting and dynamic and has been photographed in six continents and more than 30 countries. Forty-two years in the beauty industry, including thirty years as a top Ford model, Christie was first discovered...

Morgan Fairchild (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Morgan Fairchild took the lead role in NBC's Flamingo Road in 1980 and she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress In A Television Series Drama.  She would later star in the series Paper Dolls and Falcon Crest.  She made guest appearances on such 80s TV series as Roseanne, Murphy Brown, and Magnum P.I. She was also considered one of the hottest women of the 80s.  Check out the Morgan Fairchild gallery below: Morgan is a superb performer, but there's more to this talented actress than meets the eye.  In addition to her accomplishments as an actress, Morgan is an outspoken and dedicated supporter of AIDS research efforts, the pro-choice movement, and a great range of environmental issues, among others.      In 1995,...

Catherine Bach / Daisy Duke (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

While Catherine Bach is best known for playing Daisy Duke in the 80s TV show Dukes Of Hazzard, she also adorned the walls across the U.S. with posters and magazine centerfolds.  When she worked on The Dukes Of Hazzard, her legs were insured by the producers for $1 million dollars! She posed for a poster as her Daisy Duke character which went on to sell 5 million copies.  She took a copy of the poster to the White House with her when she visited with the first lady, Nancy Reagan, who apparently was quite fond of it. Over the years Bach has performed in a rather low-profile movie and TV roles and in 2002, Bach launched a line of diamond jewelry at Debenhams. And now...

Tawny Kitaen (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Tawny Kitaen was dating Ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby and appeared as the album cover model on the band's debut EP Ratt in 1983 and again on their debut studio album Out of the Cellar in 1984. She would later marry Whitesnake vocalist, David Coverdale and appeared in several of the band's music videos.  She had a starring role in the movie Bachelor Party with Tom Hanks in 1984.  She also starred in the horror film Witchboard in 1986 and appeared in a variety of TV movies and feature films.     https://www.facebook.com/tawnykitaenofficial/ https://twitter.com/Tawny_Kitaen  

Kelly LeBrock (Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Kelly LeBrock is an English-American actress and model who is most well known for her starring roles in the movies "Weird Science" and "The Woman In Red".  LeBrock originally began modeling at the age of 16 in New York.  At 19, she got her big break with a 24 page spread in Vogue magazine.  She was also the spokeswoman for Pantene shampoo where she made the tag line "Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful" popular.  

Heather Locklear (Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Heather Locklear is known for her role as Sammy Jo Carrington on Dynasty from 1981 to 1989 and as Officer Stacy Sheridan on T. J. Hooker from 1982–86.  SWhea also appeared in two feature films during the 80s, Firestarter (1984) and The Return Of Swamp Thing (1989).  Locklear was married to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee in 1986 which lasted until their divorce in 1993. She would later go on to find success as Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place from 1993–1999 and as Caitlin Moore on Spin City 1999–2002 with Michael J. Fox.  During the 80s, her posters adorned the walls of many fans. Check out our pin-up gallery of Heather Locklear below:            

Heather Thomas (Pin-Up Gallery Included)

While actress Heather Thomas is most well known for appearing on the 80s TV show "The Fall Guy", she's also been one of the most popular pin-up models of the 1980s.  Thomas started acting at the age of 14 on TV shows and later appeared in several movies as well including Zapped! and Cyclone. This 5ft 5in actress co-starred as the character Jody Banks on The Fall Guy with Lee Majors (The Six Million Dollar Man) and Douglas Barr from 1981-1986. Check out the gallery of Heather below: Today, Heather Thomas is 63 years old in 2020 and she retired from acting in 1998. Heather still looks amazing today as you can see from the recent pic below:

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