In this animated adventure from 1981, Astronaut John Blackstar goes through a black hole with his spaceship and winds up in an ancient universe. The premiere episode aired on September 12, 1981, and the entire series original run lasted until December of that year. After its cancellation, Blackstar was re-run during the 1983–84 season, on the heels of He-Man’s popularity. Despite favorable ratings from that 1983–84 reairing, plans for a second season had already been previously scrapped. It aired originally on CBS and was created by Filmation.



John Blackstar (voiced by George DiCenzo) – The main protagonist of the series. John Blackstar is an astronaut who ends up stranded on the planet Sagar where he takes part in the battles against Overlord.

Warlock – A winged, green equine-like dragon mount ridden by Blackstar who he called a “dragon-horse”.

Klone (voiced by Patrick Pinney) – A tall, pale green elf-like shapeshifter with long white hair and a ready wit who assists Blackstar against the Overlord.

Mara (voiced by Linda Gary) – A purple-skinned enchantress who is Blackstar’s ally. She is capable of telekinesis, telepathy, levitation, forcefield projection, illusions, magic blasts, and teleportation. In “City of the Ancient Ones”, it is revealed that she is at least a few centuries old.

Trobbits – A portmanteau of troll and hobbit, they are the inhabitants of the Sagar Tree. The pink-skinned, white-haired little Trobbits rescue Blackstar upon his arrival on Sagar. They are likely inspired by the Seven Dwarfs.

Some of the known Trobbits are:
Balkar (voiced by Patrick Pinney) – The King of the Trobbits and the mentor of John Blackstar. He controls elemental magic and is also a great alchemist.
Rif (voiced by Frank Welker) – The Trobbits’ grumpy, flame-capped cook.
Terra (voiced by Patrick Pinney) – The gardener who talks to plants.
Burble (voiced by Frank Welker) – The babbler who swims very well and freezes during the winter.
Carpo (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer) – The carpenter who gnaws wood with his beaver-like teeth to construct things.
Poulo – The mute whistler, youngest of the Trobbits.
Gossamear (voiced by Frank Welker) – The huge-eared flying one who is the scout and lookout.


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