Exclusive Interview With 80s Pop Icon, The One And Only “Tiffany”

Exclusive Interview With 80s Pop Icon, The One And Only "Tiffany"

Certainly, Tiffany doesn’t need an introduction to any pop music fan.  A legendary pop star, Tiffany earned two U.S. number one hit singles with “I Think We’re Alone Now” and “Could’ve Been,” and set a record as the youngest female artist to top the Billboard charts with her debut album. Tiffany just released a new single called “Hey Baby” and we sat down and talked with Tiffany about her new single, her upcoming album “Shadows”, her Summer 2021 tour and so much more.  Check out our interview with the legendary pop singer “Tiffany” below:


The Wild 80s: Well, I am super excited to get to talk to you today. I just got a chance to hear the first new single that’s coming out. called “Hey Baby”. I believe it’s from the EP, or is it a full-length album called Shadows? 

 Tiffany: Well, It’s an exclusive vinyl package. It’s “Hey Baby”, the new single on vinyl with the track, “I Think We’re Alone Now” which is a revised, remastered version. 


The Wild 80s: Yeah. And we just premiered the video, the lyric video for you on The Wild 80s for “I Think We’re Alone Now”   and our readers were just were ecstatic.  

 Tiffany: Oh, thank you. 



The Wild 80s: People absolutely loved it. Probably you and Debbie Gibson are probably two of the biggest artists of our readers’ fan base. So, Yeah. We were excited to do that and people just loved it.  I got a chance to hear “Hey Baby” and I really like this song. Super high energy. Still has a pop-ish under beat. A little bit of rock in there too. Tell me a little bit about this album, and mainly about the song and how that came together for you. 

 Tiffany: Well, I mean, “Hey Baby” is kind of like, it’s the first single off of Shadows, the new album, which is kind of grounded in a little bit of a punk sound. It’s got an 80s twirl to it. I might say it’s like,  a little Go-Gos, a little Tiffany. A little bit all of it mixed together with a very modern sound now. So, it is very high energy. I have been touring the last four or five years off of “A Million Miles”. It’s been more of a singer-songwriter album. A little bit more of an album that is kind of grounding me to show you that I have that rock edge. They’ve been really kind of a little bit more mature songwriting songs. I wrote a lot about heartbreak, and a lot about healing stuff, and all my family kind of moving on.  So, they were a heavier type of album. But Shadows is really kind of like a fun, upbeat, reflection to the 80s, little wink-wink, but very modern. I love the punk-rock sound. I love that it’s grounded and just like something that is fun and easy to digest. I think that’s what 80s music is and was to us. And so, it’s great to have a song like “Hey Baby”. We started playing it a little bit on the set. Just kind of using it a little bit here and there in soundchecks. And once we wrote the song, I was like, “This is going to be off the chart.” I really do think it’s going to be a little bit infectious. 


The Wild 80s: Oh, I think so too. It’s interesting. I mean, you just took the words right out of my mouth. When I first listened to it, I thought, this reminds me a bit of a Go-Go’s song. 

 Tiffany: Yes. 


Tiffany Then And Now

The Wild 80s: Just the beat. Especially the drumbeat and everything. I mean, that was really infectious, really high-energy track. Yeah. I can’t get enough of it. 

 Tiffany: I don’t really think we like sat down and said, “This is what we’re looking for.” It just kind of happened which was great. I mean, again, my producer, has come from a base of punk. I mean, he’s been in punk bands and rock bands his whole life, and a great lyricist, and a great musician. But we just sat down and kind of put out something that was fun. And “Hey Baby” was very easy. The lyrics just started popping out of my mouth. It was kind of like a summertime, flirty song for adults. And then, as we started to record it, I was like, “This is coming out like it has a little bit of the 80s to it.  A little bit of Go-Gos, which I love, of course.” So, we played it last night acoustically and it still has that energy even without the full band, but I’m so excited about the tour for Shadows which is happening June 4th. We’re going out on the road. So, we’ll be going on tour. The tour takes us into November, but we have clusters where we go. So, the first cluster is six weeks, so wish me luck. 


The Wild 80s: Absolutely. 

 Tiffany: And with touring with COVID,  in something like that, it’s a little more distant.  It’s a perfect time for everybody coming back out and everybody trusting to come to support live music which I’m so thankful for. All those shows are probably going to be socially distanced, but they’ll be outdoors. So, a lot of things have been reworked, but there’s nothing like having, this easy song to just kind of nod your head to, and put all your cares and worries away. And I really do. That’s what 80s music was. I mean, I know when I listen to 80s music now, that’s kind of how I feel. We were just at a bar last night after I sang.  But after, we were sitting at a lovely little pub, and then started playing 80s music, and literally, there were ten of us just going, “Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t you.”…(Forget About Me). It was like so much is moving forward, and I currently hope to hear “Hey Baby” be the same way. We’re just having a great summer with this great single. 


The Wild 80s: Yeah. And I think you’re right. I think people are ready after the whole COVID thing. And I think people are ready to get back out and I think people are really going to enjoy getting to hear live music again, especially with a song like this. It’s a fun song like you say. It definitely has an 80s vibe to it. You’re correct. It has a modern feel to it too. So, yeah. I think it’s going to really be helpful. It’s going to be great for a lot of people just to get out and enjoy it again. So, I’m glad to hear that your tour is starting. I know it’s probably a little different now with COVID trying to kind of get your feet wet and get back out there since it’s been kind of locked down for so long. 

 Tiffany: Yeah. Well, I mean it’s really more of, again, I think people are ready. We just came back from Hawaii and did our first run there. So, kind of, the tour has already begun. But this is going to be a full band as we travel along. So, starting off in Texas and then working our way across the country. Yeah. I definitely think COVID has kind of really, really reworked our world a little bit. But every time that we have an audience out there, coming out there, again, having such a good time, I mean, it even means more,  I think to us as music lovers, because it’s like the world just stopped for a while.  So, every time I hit the stage now, I mean it really means a lot more to me. I’ve always been really grateful to be able to continue to do this for over 30 years. But now, it’s just so meaningful. And I see those smiles even with a mask. I see those faces. I see those eyes light up. It really is kind of like, I don’t know. It’s a really deep thing now for me to play again, “I Think We’re Alone Now”, and to be able to have “Hey Baby”,  All these songs that have kind of reflecting summertime fun. Shake it off again. Like we’re all in it together. Let’s have fun. Wink-wink. Little flirty. We move forward. There is life again. It’s still pretty great just to really deliver an hour’s worth of “let’s just escape all this heaviness” for a minute. I think there’s a difference in people. I really do. 


The Wild 80s: I’m looking forward to that. I’m hoping I get a chance to catch you out on tour as well. So, tell me a little bit about the title, Shadows. Does that have any kind of significant meaning to you? 

 Tiffany: Well, Shadows, definitely. For me and my life, I mean, Shadows, the song is about love, and being frustrated and giving up, but still beating it kind of thing. So, for me, Shadows is kind of a process of being in relationships and then coming into new ones. And the good, the bad, the ugly in that, and having to kind of get past that relationship until you’re ready to really go full circle with it, and talk about it, and be in it. So, you’re kind of like in a transitional period, in the shadows. And I think to me, that’s kind of how this album really came to be. There were so many things happening. I was getting a divorce, finding a new relationship. So, there was all of the stuff that was happening in the background as we’re doing new music and was coming upon all the new sounds where we want to go. So, it really is kind of like all the stuff that was behind the scenes. 


The Wild 80s: Well, you have a nice balance, so that’s great. And it comes from your ability to write a really heartfelt song, and then do a party song too. You definitely have that balance. 

 Tiffany: Yeah. I mean, all of the stuff on the new album, Shadows. I mean, most of it is really up-tempo, high energy, fun, again, a little wink back to the 80s. Maybe even Shadows, the actual title track might be a little bit of like Tiffany meets Pat Benatar kind of thing. So, it’s rock. It’s punk. It’s modern. It’s all of these things together, but we still have songs like Bed of Nails. There is a lot of depth on this album and I can’t wait for people to hear it. We’ve got all the different singles planned out. “Hey, Baby” is our front runner just because I think again, it compliments the new. “I Think We’re Alone Now”. 


The Wild 80s: It does. 

 Tiffany: And I think it really is a perfect time to come out and just have fun. 


The Wild 80s: Yeah. I think that’s what everyone wants now. 

 Tiffany: I think so. I mean, we don’t have a choice. I’m like, “Well, you know what, we’re just going to have fun.” I don’t think anybody has a playbook on this anymore. We’re starting over a little bit. As I said,  We’re going on tour. Let’s go.” So, yeah. It’s going to be a good time. 


Exclusive Interview With 80s Pop Icon, The One And Only "Tiffany"The Wild 80s: Well, we announced to our readers that we were doing an interview with you and we asked them to submit some questions. And we have some questions from them to ask you. One of our readers, Twitter user kalimero, wants to know where your love for music originated from, and where do you draw inspiration from when you’re writing new songs? 

 Tiffany: Well, my love for music. I was just kind of born with it, to be honest with you. Nobody in my family is musical. My father had a wonderful voice and used to just sing all the time to me, but no one in my family was a musician. So, I just was running around in the room at two, three, singing my heart out all the time. Just bothering people really. I listened to commercials and I listened in my home, mostly country music was played. I learned music very early. I can just retain lyrics and I love melody. I was like a sponge. My mom thought I could read for a long time because I’d be going down the road and I started singing jingles from the billboards. And she was just like, “What is happening?” But then, she realized I was listening to all the commercials and singing everything. I mean, to the point where my grandpa, used to give me cookies to shut me up. My parents go like, “Okay, honey. I’ve heard this song 14 million times today.” And then, by the time, I was like four or five, six.” That was my whole thing. I did it in the morning, and when I went  I got back from school, I was in my grandmother’s little den area where all the records were, and I was listening to Fats Domino. and then by like four o’clock, I had to have my grandmother’s jewelry on, or a boa or something, and it went on all day. It really did. So, I always say I’m so glad it worked out because I drove my family nuts actually. just getting there.

But I guess it really was something that was just natural for me. I mean, there have been times that things are frustrating or whatever. I just kind of look up, then I go, “Okay. You gave me this talent, God. What’s up? What’s the plan, man?” But yeah. I wouldn’t change it any other way. I remember my stepfather saying, “Is this what you want to do? I don’t know anything about the music industry, but you just keep singing. And you sing like you want to .” So, it kind of just started very organically. My family didn’t really have a base from this. And as time went on, I mean, of course, they love me and they love my talent. I think to kind of relate to me was really different. My mom was very shy, I just always had it in me to just kind of perform.

So, yeah. I guess when it comes to my songs, my inspirations are really just life, listening to my friends, listening to my fans. To hear you guys backstage, tell me about life. I mean, from “I Think We’re Alone Now”, to “Could’ve Been”, again, mean even more to me now. Last night, I had a girl came up to me and she was talking to me about a song that I’ve written in tears and how much it means to her. Of course, you want everybody to love your music, and I love when they love the old-school stuff. That’s my foundation. But when something that I’ve written, really touched her heart that much. I started tearing up, but I think this is really an amazing thing,  to have my experiences matter and to have them be, something that’s healing or a connection with somebody else. Everybody has a plan. You go to things for a reason. And sometimes, you just wonder, and you might feel like you’re alone, or you might feel like this is the worst thing and nobody else ever felt like this. You come to find out that you write a song and then people go, “I feel like that.” You’re like, “Oh, I’m not alone.” So, think that’s what music does. It connects us definitely. So, being a songwriter for me now means the most to me. If it brings a lot of joy to people  I’m very lucky to have these songs in my life. 


The Wild 80s: Well, we have another question here for you from one of our readers, John Acquavita. And I thought this was an interesting question. He asks “Would you ever consider doing an album with Debbie Gibson?” And he said I think it would be totally rad to record an album where Tiffany recorded Debbie Gibson tunes and Debbie does Tiffany songs. 

 Tiffany: Oh, that’d be funny. It’s funny that you’re talking about that. Again, as I was out with my friends, we were talking about doing my hits but spoken word, doing like the theater production of spoken words.   I think it is really funny and fun at the same time. So, I have a lot of theater friends here in Flagler Beach where I’m at right now. So, we were giving it a test run last night. And then, they were saying,  “You have to throw some Debbie Gibson songs in there too.” And I was like, “Oh, that would be fun.” So, I think, really what I was thinking about is maybe going back and rerecording all of my hits. And after Shadows, I mean, my producers kind of throwing that out and getting me comfortable with the idea. But it’s possible that I would go out and cover, and re-record songs like “Could’ve Been”. Obviously, we’ve done “I Think We’re Alone Now”. But it’s a whole host of songs that I do still perform in my show. So, “All This Time”, and “Could’ve Been”. Even “I Saw Him Standing There”. So, I think I might do that. Let’s go ahead and do this kind of like a retro throwback album at some point. Again, another collector’s edition. So, again, I might throw a Deb song on there. Maybe she’ll make an appearance. Who knows? 



The Wild 80s: Yeah. You guys seem like really good friends. 

 Tiffany: We are. She was just at my Livestream at the hotel before when we were getting ready. So, we’re having some girl time with my makeup artist, and me and Deb. We were just hanging out. So, we were in Vegas and it’s lovely to see her. I spent some time with her. We had a blast on our last big tour. 


The Wild 80s: Well, you guys are friends now obviously, and that’s so great to see. Back in the 80s, was the rivalry between you two mostly driven by the media and by other people, or did you guys kind of consider each other competitors and rivals at that time? 

 Tiffany: No. I think that was all really just kind of driven by the record labels, by media to make it exciting a little bit.   And it’s funny because our fans started to do the Debbie Gibson-Tiffany thing. But to be honest with you, a lot of our fans that really played into it, they like us both. But they were just kind of like, “Oh, and I like Debbie Gi—Sorry.” And we’re like, “Okay. Well, you like Debbie Gibson.” You don’t have to make it a choice. You can have both. And so, we had fun over the years with it. Little tongue and cheek with the rivalry, that never existed. But we’ve never had any arguments. There’s never been any catfight. We’ve always been very supportive of each other’s music, but definitely, we’re two different people in how we work things and how we look at stuff. This is a good thing. We really respect each other’s process, but definitely, we come from different backgrounds, East Coast, West Coast. I think it is a good thing. What makes it so amazing? We’re getting all of the different sounds together. It’s such a great celebration. 


The Wild 80s: So, you’re going out. You said you’re on tour now with a full band and everything. Any chance you record any of that for the possibility of a live album? 

 Tiffany: Oh, definitely. We’re going to be doing a lot of that. But then again, just to be able to be doing music in today’s world, I think you got to just make the most of it. So, we definitely have some videos that we’re going to be doing. Why not do live footage? Livestreaming from some of the venues as well for people who just aren’t ready to get out and about, or they’re in different parts of the world. So, we really want to maximize the most of this tour. There’s going to be special merch packages, for each single because I’m kind of, “If you like that, I like all that stuff.” Now, I really was getting into my merch bundles and collect the merch that are special things, collector’s items, and just unique pieces that kind of celebrate each single.

And why not? Again, in COVID, there’s kind of no rules. You’re starting all over again. So, I want to really focus on each song that we release and take all the different promotion avenues, but mostly make sure that each fan has a good time with each song, and I get to be able to do merch packages that I have planned for that. And some videos, so from anywhere to traditional way of doing videos on set to rock and live footage behind the scenes. I definitely want people to be a part of all of the making of the documentary. I mean, I think that we started kind of rolling film on all of these projects. All the behind-the-scenes, the acoustic stuff we’ve done. So, it’s all going to come out eventually, probably maybe at the end of the year as a big documentary. I haven’t done that stuff in years.  So, we’ve been filming a lot of stuff and I’m excited to have all that stuff. 


The Wild 80s: Yeah. That’s great. And your fans respond really well to that. Right? They like to know what you’re doing leading up to things. So, I think that’s great to have that kind of sometimes exclusive thing like the packaging, merchandise, and everything. People like to collect that and feel like they are close to the artist. 

Tiffany: They do. I haven’t done live videos since way back when, but not really any kind of live footage since from Japan. I think it was ’89.  So, I think we’re long overdue. 


The Wild 80s: So, Tiffany, what would you say is the single most important thing to you now as a performer? 

 Tiffany: Yeah. I think that connection really. It has always been that way. Again, social distance is definitely something we have to do right now, but as a performer like me, I’m really very personable. I usually touch people’s hands. I’m usually singing right there with them. So, it’s a little weird for me. The energy is a little strange. You don’t have that connection so much to work off of physically. So, you have to make all this energy really kind of hit that back row. I think that just comes from good music and again, from having a great band, having a great time on stage while you’re doing it and that feeling will carry over. I mean, for me, as a performer now, I mean it’s always been about having a good time with the audience and doing my best. But I think now, it really is about trying to connect with people and just kind of lift you at the moment for a little bit. Every time I get on stage now, I kind of feel, not the pressure that I have to take each person on some magical, escape path of life right now. But there is the sense of, okay, we’re going to have this minute right now. And music is really going to be our connection. And just the fact that we’re here right now is a big deal. 


The Wild 80s: Yeah. It is. It is.  

Tiffany:  And I just feel really honored. I mean, every time I step on the stage in Hawaii, I just took a minute to go. I’m very grateful for what I do. I’m going to go out there and have a good time, and I’m going to let every show be what it is. Even with a full band and even with full production, it doesn’t just have to be a show. This needs to be a moment. And I also do a question and answer bit in my show. Because I feel like people just have questions. They just want to say hi. We don’t have a lot of meet and greets under the circumstances.  And I’m an artist who so much enjoys the backstage meet and greets. That’s my jam. I mean, I love to have people in my space. I’m there in Greenville, Texas to be with you guys. So, why wouldn’t I have you backstage and hang out? And I see that people tripped out backstage a little bit because I’m like, “Do you guys want anything to drink or some food.” They’re like, “Am I sitting down?” I’m like, “Oh, yeah. You’re sitting down. We’re doing this.” It’s not a five-minute thing for me. Now, without having those, that’s made the performance even more special. So, yes, I’ve kind of put in a little bit of meet and greet in there, so they can ask me questions as well. 


The Wild 80s: Really cool. And you’ve always had that great relationship with your fans. Some performers go out and they perform, and you sit and watch the show. And then you leave. You’ve been one of those people who. You said it earlier. But you kind of like to transfer that energy like that, immediate kind of reflection or reaction in the audience to what you’re doing. And I think it’s reciprocal. You’ve shown that you appreciate your fans as much as they appreciate what you do and I think that’s great. 

 Tiffany: Well, thank you. I do. I really do. Again, not many people can be like, “I’ve done this for 30 years.” 


The Wild 80s: Yeah. That’s for sure!

 Tiffany: I mean, I don’t like the number. Sometimes, I’m like, “Wow. They’re longer from what I remember.”  It is an honor to be able to be doing this and to take it in different directions, to be able to have done movies, and a little bit of everything my heart desires. And now, to be able to go, I have a new sound which I do think with “Hey Baby” and the Shadows album, you’re going to hear, not that I didn’t have a sound before. The sounds have always been just pop which is great. I mean, it still has its base and roots in pop music. But I think it’s kind of nice that this album has like a little stamp on it. Just a little stepping stone of an image and a sound of new Tiffany. And it really is, again, it’s a very modern kind of Foo Fighters kind of modern production with a little bit of a wink back to the 80s which again, I love it. It’s totally new. 


Exclusive Interview With 80s Pop Icon, The One And Only "Tiffany"The Wild 80s: Well, what would say is your greatest accomplishment so far?  

Tiffany: My son. He’s a wonderful, wonderful guy, structural engineer and I’m very proud of him every day. So, that’s my biggest accomplishment. My second would be again, that I’ve been in the music industry for 30 years, but I’ve grown as a businesswoman. I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way, but you learn. It doesn’t mean the wrong way. It’s just, sometimes, as an artist, you put your heart into stuff and that just doesn’t work out. And you’re like, why? A lot of it is timing.  A lot of it is a committee kind of situation. Team Tiff, I need every member! It takes a village a little bit to make all of this happen. I think there’s just that illusion that is just a star. And there’s a lot of people behind the scene that makes all of that happen before me, or Debbie Gibson, or Beyonce. Anybody who hits the stage. And I think it takes all of that. So, I’m very lucky to have a great team of people. And again, my biggest accomplishment is staying in the game and being here now. 


The Wild 80s: Oh, that’s great. And I’m glad you hear that about your son. 

 Tiffany: Oh, it’s good to hear. 


The Wild 80s: That’s such a personal thing. I have kids. And, Yeah. They’re the highlight of my life also.  I completely understand that.

 Tiffany: Well, that’s what you are. Yes. 


The Wild 80s: So, for anyone that doesn’t know you personally, what would they be surprised to know about Tiffany? 

 Tiffany: I have a really crazy sense of humor. I do. I find things funny. I mean not morbid or anything. But I have like a really more of a British sense of humor, so a little dry, and a little very self-deprecating. I could say it like it is. So, yeah. I have like a wicked sense of humor and people go, “Okay. Yeah. It’s funny.” But it came from my mom. That’s her. 


The Wild 80s: And I have to mention that, yesterday on social media, someone had responded. It’s actually the post where you had posted, on Facebook I believe, about the premiere of the video that we did, on Wild 80s. And a lot of people were commenting directly to you saying, “Tiffany, great to hear new stuff. I like it. Great to see you out there.”  One person wrote that they were all very gullible. Do they really think Tiffany actually read your comments? And you responded back personally, “Yes, I do read them.” With a little fist bump emoji. 

Tiffany: Yes, I do.  Well, I always say, you can tell when that’s me on there. Look at the typos, guys. Hello? Ha Ha Ha


The Wild 80s: Oh, I just thought that was great though, and I think that’s great for your fans. They know. You do read what they say and you take it in. 

 Tiffany: I do.  I’m sorry guys. I love you all. It’s not like I pick or choose one of them to respond to. If I don’t sleep well, or when I’m traveling on a plane. That’s when I’m kind of popping in. It just comforts me a little bit. I get lost in just music. So, at night, I’m trolling a little bit and looking at Facebook, and looking at stuff. Yeah. I’ll usually answer them. But obviously, I mean, this new album, I want to be very engaged. It’s hard. I think with social media I’ve learned it’s just hard to continue to be engaged all day. You can really lose yourself in all of that and not be in the present. 

So, I try to go in and out a little bit, but yeah, it’s funny. So, everybody will make a comment or say something funny, and then I’ll comment back randomly to somebody. And I think the fans actually like it that I just comment randomly. . But I do read everybody’s post. 



The Wild 80s: So, it’s so great that you just keep doing your thing, and you have so many fans out there. And I think you have some of the best fans in the world. They really do try to follow everything, Tiffany. As I said, they’ve responded positively any time we do an article on you. And so, what would you like to say to them? Obviously, you’d like to tell them about the new album, but what else would you like to say to your fans out there? I’ll give you this moment to just talk to them. 

  Tiffany: Well, I mean, it’s been a wild ride and I just think, again, moving forward, we all need each other. Those are things that I’ve learned and I’ve always known, but I think more and more that we all need each other. And that we all show love. Hopefully, as we’re walking out our doors in the morning, be patient and kind with people because they really need it. Not everybody knows what they’re doing because there really is no map in life right now. 


The Wild 80s: It’s true. 

 Tiffany: And nor has there really ever been. So, I found meditation for myself and that’s what I do in the morning to kind of get me grounded on a spiritual level and just as a person trying to make it through the day. So, I think that’s the biggest thing that we can do. Music, I share music with people and that’s my happiness. And I’m able to bring some happiness to people which is a great gift that I have and I’m still so grateful. But even throughout my day, I just kind of look around and look at people and just go, “Okay. We’re all needed. Everybody is cool. Let’s proceed on.” And I think we need to see that more and more and respect each other for our differences and different places that we’ve come through and different cultures. And to be able to again, moving forward, traveling around the world. The thing is, to be able to go to Hawaii, I really got tears in my eyes. The world is beautiful. It’s a beautiful place and we need to remember that how special each place is, and our differences don’t make it scary or wrong. It actually makes it pretty cool. And again, I think that’s something that we kind of celebrated a little bit through music in the 80s. Being our individual self, but yet being connected. There was really something just simple about that, and I think that’s what our perspective needs to be now. We’re all a little different. We all have our own special needs. We all come with our quirks and our brokenness because we don’t like to talk about it, but it doesn’t make it wrong. That means that we’re all human. There’s real beauty in there actually and that’s the part of being human. It’s all of these different experiences. So, don’t ever be quick to judge somebody really. I think we’re learning more and more. That’s kind of my message to my fans as we move forward in our music and stuff. I think that’s the one thing that we’re coming for is to just again, bond, and have a good time, and shake all of the stuff off. I mean, that makes it a little lighter to me when I meditate in the morning. I’m just like, “I’m going to give love to that. I’m going to give good vibes. And when I go out there, I’m going to be the best I can be.” And that’s kind of my sentiment now as a performer, and as a human, and as a person.” Just kind of take a deep breath, guys, and then let’s proceed on and have a great ending to 2021. 


The Wild 80s: Oh, extremely well-said. Beautiful words of encouragement. Agree with you 100%. as bad as the COVID situation seemed to 2020, there are some positives to be gained from it. And I think you’re going to help a lot of people do that again like getting out on tour, delivering some new music, and helping people to see the bright side of life again. 

Tiffany: Oh, yeah. Yeah. 


The Wild 80s: I certainly appreciate the opportunity to talk to you today. We’re a huge fan of your work. And who you are as a person, it’s really nice to hear that reflected from an artist, not all performers are like that, so it’s nice to know that you’re a wonderful human too.  We’re looking forward to continuing, of course, to promote everything you’re doing in the Wild ’80s. Keep us informed. We’d love to stay in touch. We’d love an opportunity to speak with you again at some point in the future here and see how things are going with the tour. 


Tiffany: I love that. Yes. We’ll talk again soon. Thank you so much for your time. 



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