IZOD Shirts and Clothing

IZOD Shirts and Clothing

One of the most recognizable styles in 80s fashion has to be the IZOD/Lacoste polo shirts complete with alligator logo. Often worn with a sweater tied around the neck, this brand was front and center for many people who embraced what was often called the “Preppy” lifestyle. During this time, many nationwide department stores featuring separate “Izod/Lacoste” shops, with jackets, sweaters, and a wide variety of other apparel. During this period annual sales reached $150 million for the shirts alone.

Izod and Lacoste both continue to produce similar piqué polo shirts and are often mistakenly believed to be the same company. Lacoste polo shirts have the crocodile logo, while Izod has a monogram crest. Izod has had a number of re-positionings in the market place (its current image being mid-range preppy and performance apparel). Lacoste has only recently become available again in the United States, though its current positioning remains entirely upscale. Both brands continue to be popular.




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