Members Only®Jackets

Members Only®Jackets



You have your Members Only® jacket on. You’re ready to get your yearbook picture taken and you will go down in history as the coolest kid on the block.

You know that “when you put it on… something happens.” You’re not aware of it yet, but what you’re wearing is the jacket that epitomizes the glamour, energy, and fun-loving attitude of the ’80s.

Members Only racer jackets were distinguished by their collar strap and knitted trim; they were manufactured in a wide variety of colors and were extremely popular throughout the 1980s.


Members Only is now a cultural icon with a steady and growing following – thanks to our loyal fans. Whether you knew us from the ’80s and love us now for our slimmer modern look with all the signature details, or are rocking our jackets because it’s just simply… cool, our loyalty lies with you. We see race, creed, and taste not as separation but as an inspiration. Dear upright citizen of the world, thank you for including us in your world. We are proud to have you as a Member!

On December 31, 2011, the Members Only brand was acquired from Members Only Licensing Group, and JR Apparel World, LLC, whose principal is Ron Malhotra, purchased the brand. Today he is focused on growing the Members Only brand and expanding it to additional apparel and product offerings to create a highly successful lifestyle brand.


You can still purchase the racer jacket and others at their official site:

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