Oh No!! It’s Mr. Bill

Oh No!! It's Mr. Bill

Saturday Night Live had requested viewers to send in their home movies. Submitted as a parody of bad animation, Mr. Bill took the prize and, with creator Walter Williams, went on to spend seven years at SNL, a period in which his role on the show grew to 10 appearances a season. A 15th Anniversary USA Today survey found Mr. Bill’s popularity among SNL’s characters excelled only by the late John Belushi and Gilda Radner, and he is still the character with the most appearances.  Mr. Bill was the main character, an unlucky guy who always had a knack for having bad things happen to him.  His best friend and dog, Spot died in most episodes, either by the villainous Sluggo or an unfortunate event often caused by the narrator, Mr. Hands.

Mr. Bill Started his run with Saturday Night Live in 1976. It continued throughout the ’70s but was also featured in the following episodes in the 80s:

January 26, 1980 (Mr. Bill Gets Help)
April 5, 1980 (Mr. Bill Strikes Back)
May 10, 1980 (Mr. Bill Gets 20 Years In Sing Sing)
December 20, 1980 (Mr. Bill’s Christmas Special)
April 11, 1981 (cold open with Chevy Chase)
October 17, 1981 (Mr. Bill Goes To L.A.; final appearance)





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