Play The Huge Library Of 80s Atari Video Games Now On The Plex Media Server

Play The Huge Library Of 80s Atari Video Games Now On The Plex Media Server

The ever-popular free media server Plex now has an add on that 80s video game fans should be very interested in…

Now you can have your very own arcade, right in the comfort of your own Plex. Plex Labs has partnered with Atari to give you the power to stream your favorite retro games plus your own game ROMs on your favorite devices.* Get hours of old school excitement, no tokens required.

The world is your console.

To play, use virtually any Bluetooth enabled game controller or the on-screen controls on your mobile device, and your screen of choice.


In the beginning…

The genesis of Plex saw us casting a disdainful eye over shelves of CDs, DVDs, and random files strewn over hard drives; we knew there had to be a better way to centrally organize and curate our media collections. A safe haven free from scratches and green markers. A place where we could Marie Kondo until every last poster and background was perfect, and then explore and play from anywhere in the world.

But there was one category left on that media shelf, gathering dust. It was the old plastic cartridges for our beloved gaming consoles of yore. After all, in the years since our youth, fellow curators have managed to amass rich archives of gorgeous metadata for games, and the retro gaming community truly does run deep. It’s a fantastic movement, and after some soul searching and spiritual walkabouts, the answer arrived: this media belongs inside Plex!

We’ve actually kicked the idea around for years, and given that over the last year we’ve been looking for new ways to entertain and distract ourselves, we decided to finally make it happen. And we gotta say, the results are super cool! It’s so fun to see a collection of ROMs rendered as a Plex library with all the power of filtering, searching, and beautiful details pages, but of course that’s only half the picture…

Let there be light!

Video and audio streaming have always been our specialty. We’re blessed with some amazing engineers (among the best in the world!) working on this, and in general, we’ve been laser-focused on making that experience better.

However, over time we’ve seen some truly impressive developments in interactive game streaming tech. Please allow us to introduce our new partner Parsec: With their underlying low-latency streaming technology, it was suddenly possible to offer fully playable game libraries within Plex.

We’ve also partnered with the most hallowed name in retro games: Atari. With them, onboard as a partner, we’re able to fully license a catalog of classic titles right out of the box. We’re talking Centipede. We’re talking Lunar Lander. We’re talking Motor Psycho!

On account of these partnerships and the licensing involved, Plex Arcade will be a separate subscription for $2.99 per month if you have a Plex Pass (and $4.99 per month if you haven’t made the leap to Plex Pass yet). Don’t know if you’ll like it? Try it free for 7 days (that’s a whole week among friends), no strings attached, and let us know what you think.

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