Samantha Fox (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Samantha Fox (80s Pin-Up Gallery Included)

Samantha Fox is considered the Queen of 80s Pin-Ups and Posters. Her posters adorned the walls of fans worldwide. She was one of the rare few celebs to have both a successful modeling and music career.

Music was Samantha Fox’s first love and she secured her first record deal at age 15, however, she was whisked into the glamorous modeling world and her music career was put on hold. During the four year tenure of her extremely lucrative modeling contract, Samantha Fox literally became a household name in the UK overnight and became the nation’s darling. She gave up modeling when she was 20 to concentrate on her music and released her first single in 1986, ‘Touch Me’ which reached No 3 in the UK and No 4 in the USA. The single went on to amass a formidable array of Platinum, Gold, and Silver awards. The Follow up ‘Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)’ reached No. 10. The ‘Touch Me’ album and three others found Number One national chart positions in no less than 15 countries and Top 5’s in numerous others including the USA. She has sold over 30 million records worldwide.  During the 80’s Sam was the most photographed British star, alongside Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher.

Sam is still successfully modeling and singing to this day. Check out the links to her website and social media sites below the gallery.






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