Tanya Roberts (80s Pin Up Gallery Included)

Tanya Roberts (80s Pin Up Gallery Included)

Actress Tanya Roberts got her big break when she was added to the TV show Charlie’s Angels in 1980. While her addition to the show did not save the show from cancelation the following year, it placed her in the spotlight and gave her a platform to build from.  During the 80s she starred in the following films: (1982) The Beastmaster, (1983) Hearts and Armour, (1984) Sheena, (1985) James Bond: A View to a Kill, (1986) Body Slam, and (1988) Purgatory.  Her role in Sheena as the jungle queen was one of her most memorable roles but the movie was a flop at the box office and critics slammed it. Most notably, she would go on to play the role of Midge Pinciotti on That ’70s Show (1998–2004). 




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