The 80s Called And They Want Their Trimline Telephone Back….

The 80s Called And They Want Their Trimline Telephone Back....

In 1983 AT&T begins selling phones, including the Trimline, to the public through its newly created American Bell, Inc. subsidiary.

In 1984 AT&T is divested of its regional operating companies and is prohibited from using the Bell name or logo, so the American Bell brand is dropped and replaced with simply AT&T.

By Late 1984 The Touch-tone Trimline phone is heavily modified with the following new features:
Electronic chirp ringer in the handset, replacing the previous real bell ringer
Keys are now made of a soft rubber material
Line switch (switchhook) eliminated from base, moved to top of phone just below the receiver
Handset screws’ cover no longer says “Trimline”; made smaller in the middle to conform to new switchhook location
Only one handset-to-jack cord is required for the telephone connection; cord can be tightly secured onto the bottom of the base, which now only exists with no purpose other than as a rest for the handset

Finally in 1985 The rotary Trimline is discontinued.


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