Time for Timer (Watch And Remember These Great Public Service Announcements Again, Right Here)

Time for Timer

Time for Timer is a series of seven short public service announcements broadcast on Saturday mornings on the ABC television network. The animated spots feature Timer, a tiny cartoon character who represents the sense of time in the human body. Timer was in charge of when a person felt it was time to eat, time to sleep, etc. He carried a large pocket watch inside of him which set off an alarm whenever something was about to happen.  Usually wearing a bow tie and top hat, Timer promotesd healthy eating and good personal hygiene for kids using clever songs.  While the first animated shorts were created in the late 70’s, they ran almost constantly between Saturday Morning Cartoon shows during the 1980s.


“Sunshine on a Stick” – Timer suggests making ice pops with fruit juice, an ice tray, and toothpicks.




“I Hanker Fer a Hunk O Cheese” – Timer, recast as a cowboy with a thick Western accent, suggests “wagon wheels,” sandwiches made with cheese slices and crackers, as an easy and nutritious snack. When Timer prepares one on a kitchen counter, he rolls it down the counter on its edge and exclaims, “Look! A wagon wheel!”




“Take Care of Yourself” – Timer shows how to brush teeth to protect them from cavities.




“You Are What You Eat” – Roving reporter Timer is at your digestive system to provide a simplified explanation of nutrients and how the body uses them.




“Have A Carrot” – Timer, channeling W. C. Fields, assembles some nutritious in-between meal snacks like carrot sticks for a boy. At the end of the short, Timer literally changes the boy into a banana as a gag.




“Eat Some Kind of Breakfast” – Timer shows that if you don’t have time for breakfast, your stomach will be empty and angry; leftovers and other premade foods for breakfast is better than none at all.




“Don’t Knock It Till You Try” – Timer suggests trying new foods by eating a smorgasbord of smidgens of different foods




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